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National Bestselling Novelist
Literary Agent
Founder, Black Girl Powerhouse, LLC
Founder, Wall Street Company
 Brenda Hampton Entertainment
Editor, Black Girl Powerhouse Magazine
Retail Business Owner
Motivational Speaker
A born entrepreneur, Brenda M. Hampton is a native St. Louisan with a broad vision for business and true passion for writing. As a national bestselling novelist, her name has graced the Essence Magazine bestseller’s list, Ubawa’s Top 100 Authors’ list, AAMBC Black Authors of 2017 and she was named in the Top 100 Most Admired African American Women in literature. In Upscale Magazine, Hampton was listed as a favorite female writer, she was awarded for being a favorite female storyteller by Literary Jewels and won MBP’s Best Literary Agent Award. Her reality TV drama series, Hell House, was named a top book choice by the Sankofa Literary Society, and Hampton is mostly known for creating one of the most addictive book series in literature titled Naughty. Her fiery series, Who Ya Wit, will be adapted into a movie in the Spring of 2022. With her first movie underway, Hampton has written more than eleven screenplays and continues to represent numerous writers, actresses and actors in books and film.  

In addition to her writing career, Hampton is the founder of Black Girl Powerhouse, LLC and Wall Street Company at the St. Louis Galleria Mall, where she houses unique brands by women entrepreneurs . Through her non-profit organization, Working Women’s Wall Street, Inc., she provides a host of helpful resources to brand owners abroad and right in her own community. More information about Brenda M. Hampton can be found by visiting: www.brendamhampton.com.