The Naughty Series
Naughty 1
Naughty 2
Naughty 3
Naughty 4: Naughty by Nature
Naughty 5: Too Naughty
Naughty 6: Naughty No More
Naughty 7: Jaylin's World
Naughty 8: Jaylin A Naughty Aftermath

The Full Figured Series
Plus-Size Diva: Who Ya Wit the Beginning
Who Ya Wit The Finale

The Hell House Series
Hell House 1
Hell House 2: The Roof is On Fire
Hell House 3: The Reunion Show
Hell House 4: Hell House Returns

The BFF's Series
BFF's 1
BFF's 2
BFF's 3 

Additional Novels & Anthologies:
SLICK 1 & 2
Two Wrongs Don't Make a Right
In My Shoes: A Writer is Born
How Can I Be Down?
No Justice No Peace
The Dirty Truth 
Don't Even Go There
No Turning Back
Girls From Da Hood 5
Don't Ask, Don't Tell
If Only for One Night
If Only for Another Night
The Doctor Is In
Black President 1
Black President 2: Trouble In The White House
NEW RELEASES: Stalker, Black President, The Doctor Is In  by Brenda Hampton 
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A Naughty Aftermath
Book 8 in the Naughty Series

Naughty is what Naughty always does, and Jaylin Jerome Rogers never disappoints. The aftermath to The Naughty Series picks up nearly three years later, where the tables have clearly turned. For the first time ever, Nokea has found true love with another man, while Jaylin remains on the outside, wondering how it has come to this. He could never imagine Nokea falling out of love with him, but Dr. Travis L. Cooper has it all from A to Z. He’s perfectly fine with Nokea and Jaylin being just friends, but getting too comfortable may become a setback or a setup for major things to come. Everyone struggles to stay in their own lane, even Scorpio who finally prepares herself to walk down the aisle. But before that happens, all she desires is one final night, just one, with the man who continues to hold a grip on her heart. Every woman knows that one night with Jaylin can be a game changer, and as Scorpio predicts, their heated sex session concludes with a bang. The only person ready to aim and shoot, however, is Scorpio’s man, Mario, whose loyal family has ties to the Mafia. Betrayal isn’t something he’s comfortable with, and with a billionaire status, Mario is forced to keep his eyes on the money and his woman. Scorpio is way in over her head, and unfortunately, so is Nokea who gets blindsided by a twist that no one sees coming.
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Hell House Returns
Book 4 in Hell House Series

The most controversial characters from Brenda Hampton’s bestselling novels are back to shake things up in Hell House Returns. This time, there is a million dollars on the line. Scorpio from the Naughty Series, Chase from Don’t Even Go There, Roc from the Full Figured Series, Keith and Evelyn from BFF’s, and Mr. President from the Black President Series are all seeking to get a piece of the pie. But money may not be their only mission. Some are there for one thing, others for another. Jada from How Can I Be Down? will have to keep everyone in order, but if she can’t control her slick mouth, there is no way possible for her to keep these troublemaking characters in line. Full of head-spinning drama, lots of temptation and non-stoppable laughter, Hell House Returns will bring you to your knees!
* Paperback version may not be signed, if mailed directly from distributor. 

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