The Naughty Series
Naughty 1
Naughty 2
Naughty 3
Naughty 4: Naughty by Nature
Naughty 5: Too Naughty
Naughty 6: Naughty No More
Naughty 7: Jaylin's World
Naughty 8: Jaylin A Naughty Aftermath

The Full Figured Series
Plus-Size Diva: Who Ya Wit the Beginning
Who Ya Wit The Finale

The Hell House Series
Hell House 1
Hell House 2: The Roof is On Fire
Hell House 3: The Reunion Show
Hell House 4: Hell House Returns

The BFF's Series
BFF's 1
BFF's 2
BFF's 3 

Black President Series 
Black President: The World Will Never Be the Same
Trouble In The White House: A Black President Novel
Black President Season 2
Black President Season 3

Additional Novels & Anthologies

SLICK 1 & 2
Two Wrongs Don't Make a Right
In My Shoes: A Writer is Born
How Can I Be Down?
No Justice No Peace
The Dirty Truth 
Don't Even Go There
No Turning Back
Girls From Da Hood 5
Don't Ask, Don't Tell
If Only for One Night
If Only for Another Night
The Doctor Is In
Stalker 1 & 2
Livin' Life Like It's Golden
Promised Land

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